UltimatePC have been in business since 1989. We have assembled quality computer systems to our clients ever since then. Our systems are made with High Quality parts and are burn tested for 24 hours. We provide 3 Years of Parts and one Year of in shop labor Warranty.

Ever since windows 10 came out, our clients have been asking us to provide these machines, since Windows 10, is not compliant with most business software running in their everyday business. In some cases our clients are running DOS programs, which is just not compatible with either Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 10.

After all Windows 10 has been the most stable software to date, we have decided to make these computer systems for anyone who is looking for compatibility and stability.

Design | Implementation

UltimatePc has been designing and supporting small business network infrastructure for 20 years. We have the right know how to evaluate your existing network and provide a recommendation for bringing it more stability and speed. We are conscious of cost and time.

Case Study: One of our clients acquired a Golf Course next to their existing Hotel Business. They asked us to look at the newly acquired network and make recommendations. We provided them with analysis and cut their costs in less than half. We eliminated existing expensive offsite backup, and internet service. We ran a LAN Line from existing office, and joined the two networks. This way they both could use each others resources, like backup drives, Internet and printers. The administration and accountants were excited to be able to use the systems on the other side from their desktops.

Amazing Charts | Dentrix ...

Electronic Records are a necessity of our time. UPC has been providing systems and network support to local physicians since the start of our business. We implement high quality hardware and software combination to support your office. While Amazing Charts is our main EMR software, we are well versed in other EMR programs as well, so no matter what kind of software you use, we are able to provide you with needed support. Paperless Office is our specialty, we recommend a scanner/software combination that will fit your budget and need. Availability of these documents on your network and also on a cloud is our goal, so you are truly paperless, and also fearless, so the paper can actually be shredded. So pick up that phone and give us a call right now to get started in realizing this dream or lack of it if it is not working for you due to lack of support.

Database | Files

Now these days our data is absolutely crucial. There can nothing be worse than loosing your hard drive on your computer or the main office server. Our accounting customer and personal data all resides on our hard drives. A failure or a loss can just add a huge headache. At UltimatePc we have a 3 Tier approach to our client’s data backup. We implement two Local and One online/offsite backup. This ensures your data availability at the time of need. So contact us today to get started.

Malware | Virus Clean Up

We provide timely repair of most Desktop and Tower computers. Call us to get an estimate.

More than any other issue, this one creates the most havoc. You need be on top of your security. We provide cleanup of affected systems, both via remote or on site. We also provide this service on an ongoing basis so that none of this happens in the first place.

Remote Support
Wireless Networking

UltimatePc provides exceptional support for Wireless Connectivity. From Basic Routers to High End Access Points. For Home and Office settings. We provide Building to Building WiFi access as well.

Responsive web designs

We provide professional elegant websites that can help a business get more revenue.

We are employed with professional web designer that can help you build website from scratch. HTML , CSS, JavaScript, PHP,bootstrap languages will be used to deliver the content on the websites. Any features you want to make your website beautiful can be added on top of existing websites. Features also included database integration with fully login system if required by the clients.

Some sample works:


Rates For Services

System Reload: $250/hour
( Includes Backup and restoration of data Only install of OS and drivers)
Basic Maintenance Services: $95/hour
System Management and Networks $95/hour
Computer Malware | Virus Removal: $150/hour
Service Contracts area available upon request